Corporate Donations

Corporate Donations are a big part of what makes Sandite Senior Celebration succeed and without your help, we could not make this happen!

For Corporate Sponsors (and Future Sponsors)

Now you can donate directly online in our online store.  Thank you so much for helping make this event happen which provides a safe place for our graduating seniors to celebrate the night of graduation.  You can also donate items to be given away.  If you have gift cards, give-aways, or other services that you want to provide, please contact us at or Call Carolyn Thompson 918-951-9020.

For Volunteers and Parents connecting to Corporate Sponsors

Assisting with connecting with potential sponsors are what will make this a success!  You will need some forms and information and here are the links to the forms/documents discussed at our meetings. 🙂  Feel free to add your name to the letter and sign before delivering to the company or individual you are delivering the letter to.  List of Sponsors, Donation Letter (Editable, but please download and edit on YOUR file, NOT the online one), Donation Form



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