Committees & Volunteers 2016


We are kicking off the year with several projects and need volunteers to make it happen!  Below is the list of projects and events we have started with.  Each one is also a committee lead by a person(s) with other volunteers to help make it happen!  Don’t see one that you want to have?  That’s ok, YOU can lead the charge because we are happy to have new ideas and more ways to raise money to meet our goal!

Sandites CPHS

T-Shirts & Parent T-Shirts – Organizing t-shirts to sell to seniors, high school students and parents throughout the year. (In order to volunteer at Senior Celebration, parents MUST purchase a parent t-shirt)

Elementary Dances – Dances hosted by Senior Celebration volunteers for elementary school kids to attend.  Some dates are scheduled already, spring is more flexible currently.

Book Sale – Book sale at the school library and a portion of the funds is donated to Senior Celebration.

Restaurant Nights – Sending out flyers and getting the word out about various restaurants hosting nights that portions of the money made goes to Senior Celebration.

Powder Puff Football – Organizing and running a powder puff football game.

Powder Puff Volleyball – Organizing and running a powder puff volleyball game.

MORP Concessions – Working concession the night of MORP (backwards Prom, where the girls ask the guys and a casual event where they wear matching t-shirts).

Zumba – Organizing Zumba class(es) where participates pay a fee which will be donated to Senior Celebration.

Cap/Gown School Run

Wilted Rose

Herbal Affair & Parking – Working at the Herbal Affair managing parking and selling water or other concession items to raise money.

Softball Tournament/Game – Organizing and running a softball tournament/game.

If you want to know who has volunteered to chair and/or help with each committee, click here.



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